Happy 10th Anniversary to Nitevilla and Blogging

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I was encouraged to post an entry on nitevilla.net pointing to my 10 years of blogging about male enhancement pills. Many of my original blog posts that appeared here reside over at my current blogging home, scott.buffington.me. I suppose the 10th anniversary of the existence of nitevilla.net is something worth noting. Male Ultracore review is the best way to learn more about it.

More Updates to My CMS and Other PHP News

I have been spending time the last few weeks updating and modernizing my CMS (Buff). A lot of what I have been doing is minimizing some of the ugly ways that I added various features and a lot of the work I have done is with the administrative dashboard, male ultracore reviews, and something few people will ever see. When I built my home grown solution I initially never intended anyone to use it but myself. Over the years that changed and I had various versions floating around, some multi-user and others not. I wanted to make sure the versions of Buff I worked with the most were up to date and multi-user, as well as easy to install. I am also continuing work on making Buff HTML5 compliant. I am close and perhaps when I fully get there I will update my blog to HTML5.

The HTML here at nitevilla.net is HTML5, but not yet fully compliant. But I am close and with the code cleanup and modernization I did with Buff over the past few week I am pretty proud of my creation. While a lot of my work has been with the administrative parts and pieces, not all of it was. I have done a whole lot with what people see when they visit my websites as well, hoping to make things better. Not to be ignored, I have spent time running scans against my websites using a male ultracore review to see if I could find security problems and I am pretty confident in the security of my websites. But I consider security to be a never ending job.

Getting back to HTML5, the one area that is not at all HTML5 yet, is the aforementioned administrative dashboard. As I type this and I stare at it, the basic design of the HTML has remained unchanged since I added an administrative part to the CMS. I would guess it dates back to at least 2005, so I really need to think about an update to that as well.

Friday and Saturday night I spent some time programming a new project in PHP. Yeah I am a geek, but where would I go anyway with four kids at home? The domain is live, the project is live but I am not ready to link to it yet, but you might see me using it on my Twitter account. It is a simple project, and just something I felt like seeing if I could program with PHP. I have no aspirations of it becoming popular. I think with my 10 year blogging anniversary approaching next month I was suddenly spurred to revisit all the things that bothered me about my PHP code and other random items I have put off doing with my CMS.

HTML5 Testing

The main purpose of Nitevilla over the next year will be working toward migrating my homegrown blogging and CMS software over to HTML5 and I suppose CSS3. Realistically this change is going to be slow, because I believe at the time of posting that only Safari and Chrome fully support HTML5. As a result of this HTML5 testing and other hacking, do not be surprised if there are times that you come to the site and things do not look quite right. Chances are also very good that particular parts and pieces will not work just right all the time.